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Password Management

Password Management

Ensure your team abides by stringent password best practices by supplying them with an encrypted vault to store all of their credentials.

The Average User Has Over 100 Password-Protected Online Accounts

Meanwhile, numerous studies have shown that there are many factors in play that directly contribute to an user’s ability (or lack thereof) to remember them all. Indications point to less-frequently-used passwords subconsciously being neglected in favor of more often used (and therefore “more important”) passwords, more secure passwords just being less memorable to us, and that our brains simply have trouble recalling so much information. 

To compensate for this, many users adopt bad habits that are ultimately detrimental to their cybersecurity… including relying on less secure passwords that are repeated across multiple accounts.

This simply will not do.

One of the easiest ways to encourage your team to diversify their passwords is to use a password manager, which is a kind of software that securely stores passwords for your reference so that you can have the best of both worlds: you can use passwords that perfectly adhere to best practices while only needing to remember one (the one that gives you access to your vault). WIth its contents fully encrypted, the password manager is a far more secure option than the too-common written reference.

We Can Help You Implement a Password Management Platform for Your Business

We’ll ensure that your employees have constant access to all the passwords they’ll need to do their jobs, without having to worry about keeping track of all of them. With our help, your users will be able to securely and reliably access the resources they need and you’ll know that their access privileges are restricted to only them.

Find out more about password management tools and what we can offer by reaching out to us today! Give us a call at (217) 460-0155, or fill out the form on this page to get in touch with us.

Again, strong password standards are still a must, so you should also review some Safe Password Do’s and Don’ts by downloading our guide.

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